Fused-glass WCAWG "Pawprint" heart suncatcher - rainbow - €11.50

Fused-glass WCAWG
A range of beautiful little fused-glass heart suncatchers, with a sepia-tone 'pawprint' motif - sold as a fundraiser for the West Cork Animal Welfare Group http://www.westcorkanimals.com.

The WCAWG are a fantastic charity, based near Rosscarbery in West Cork. They are dedicated to helping unwanted, abandoned, neglected and abused animals in West Cork - and rehome more than 350 dogs and puppies each year.

I'm delighted to offer these little fused-glass hearts for sale in aid of WCAWG - and pledge to donate €8.50 from the sale of each heart direct to WCAWG. If you want to further support their work, there's a 'donate' button on their website - http://www.westcorkanimals.com
Thank you for your support - it means a lot.

I make each of these little hearts by hand, cutting shaping and layering coloured glass pieces and then fusing (=melting) them together in my kiln - at temperatures approaching 800c in a process that takes 7 hours from start to finish.
After the hearts have fused, I use a diamond-drill to make the hole, apply the design, and fire-polish each heart for another 7 hours in the kiln. The iron in the design fuses into the glass and turns a rich sepia colour.
During the fusing process, small bubbles may form between the layers. This adds character to the piece - and shows that it is handmade, not mass-produced.

Each heart is finished with a short red-coloured silky hanging cord.

We usually have these hearts in stock ready for despatch, but, just in case, please allow at least one week for us to make your heart.

Measures about 2 1/4" inches tall - supplied in organza gift-pouch with short silky cord hanger and swingtag, hang from the window-frame with a thin thread or fishing line.

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