Green/gold 'pebble' fused glass dichroic earrings - €21

Green/gold 'pebble' fused glass dichroic earrings - product image
A pair of unique dichroic glass drop earrings - with drilled silver-plated fittings and sterling silver earwires.
These earrings feature a green/gold 'pebble' design on a black glass background, and measure about 4.5cm from the bottom of the glass to the top of the earwire and 1.5cm wide.
They are supplied in a card gift-box.

I created them by hand-cutting top-quality dichroic glass which I then layered and fused (= melted) in my kiln at temperatures up to 800 centigrade, in a process that takes up to 12 hours from start to finish.
During the process, this fascinating glass changes size, shape and colour, creating truly 'one-off' pieces of jewellery. The stunning colours are not paint or pigment - but are caused by many microscopically thin layers of metals, metallic oxides and silica which are deposited onto the glass. These layers split up white light into dazzling rainbow colours, which shift and change as the pieces move.
This jewellery is incredibly difficult to photograph - if you like what yuo see in the photo then you will be delighted with the real thing!

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